These are the most outstanding releases of the week on the App Store

These are the most outstanding releases of the week on the App Store

Compilation of the new apps most prominent, which have reached the App Store during the last 7 days.

New apps for iPhone

What would a week be without New applications? We need them to refresh the content of our devices and to see if one arrives that can replace one that we have on our phones and / or tablets.

This week we bring a bunch of curious apps. We recommend you, at least, try them. Some of them are in English but they are so good that we couldn’t stop sharing them with you.

New apps for iPhone and iPad:

Here are the most outstanding new apps, released in the App Store, between May 13-20, 2021.

MHA: The Strongest Hero [Gratis]:

MHA: The Strongest Hero

Anime game for iPhone

Recruit heroes and protect the world with your mighty Quirks. Have fun with the exciting game features like PvP Battles, Auto Play, Alliance, Achievement System Y Dorm System while enjoying authentic anime stories.

Download MHA

Smart Photo Widget [Gratis]:

Smart Photo Widget

Photo Widget App for iPhone

Smart Photo Widget is a fantastic photo widget and the only one you will need to view your favorite photos on your iPhone. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to do all the work for you, making it the simplest and easiest photo app to use.

Download Smart Photo Widget

Timed: Workout Timer [1,09 €]:

Timed: Workout Timer

Timer app

This is an interval-based training timer application for iPhone and Apple Watch. The app allows you to focus on what matters to you during a workout by eliminating all distractions such as buttons and controls. A tap anywhere reveals the buttons. Tap anywhere again to hide them.

Download Timed

Landscape: Mountaineering [Gratis]:

Landscape: Mountaineering

Hiking app

Plan, record and relive your best hiking adventures in 3D. The landscape is the best mountaineering companion. Created for mountaineers and mountaineers, Landscape is the only hiking app for the most extreme adventurers.

Download Landscape

Guided By Glow: Erotic Audio [Gratis]:

Guided By Glow: Erotic Audio

Erotic sounds app

Guided By Glow brings us exciting audio stories and guided meditation for the well-being of women. A transformative practice of self-exploration that aims to enhance women’s sexuality, intimate feelings and ignite their side sexy.

Download Guided By Glow

We hope you liked the premieres of the week and we are waiting for you next week with new apps.



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