These are the most outstanding releases of the week, on the App Store

These are the most outstanding releases of the week, on the App Store

Compilation of new apps most prominent, which have reached the App Store during the last 7 days.

New iPhone applications

New applications for iPhone

What would a week be without New applications? We need them to refresh the content of our devices and to see if any arrives that can replace one that we have on our phones and / or tablets.

This week we bring games, tools to focus, a very interesting information app…. We recommend that you at least try the apps. Some of them are in English but they are so good that we have not been able to stop sharing them with you.

Do not miss it. If you want to know them, after the jump we will name them for you.

New applications for iPhone and iPad:

Here you have the most outstanding new apps, released in the App Store, between May 14 and 21, 2020.

Oh bother [Gratis]:

App to avoid bothering youApp to avoid bothering you

App to avoid being disturbed

If you’re working from home these days and you have family or roommates, you know it can be a little difficult to focus. Oh bother She wants to help you handle distractions a little better by telling everyone in your house quickly and effectively whether or not they can currently bother you.

Download Oh Bother

If Found… [5,49 €]:

Interactive AdventureInteractive Adventure

Interactive adventure

DREAMFEEL’s magnificent interactive novel about finding a connection. If you like to live adventures this game will allow you to do it. Relive the experiences of Kasio with its happy and painful moments, during the month of December 1993.

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Download If Found…

Snipers Vs Thieves: Zombies! [Gratis]:

Kill every living zombieKill every living zombie

Kill every living zombie

If you like games shooter On top of that you like killing zombies, this game gathers everything you need to make you have a good time for a while.

Download Snipers Vs Thieves

Blocktionary [Gratis]:

App to test your knowledge.App to test your knowledge.

App to test your knowledge.

Test your general knowledge and artistic eye by guessing famous characters and objects that have been reduced to block shapes. Guess characters from a large number of categories and use the coins to unlock new packages. We advise that it is in English but it is quite “understandable”.

Download Blocktionary

Insect [2,29 €]:

All kinds of information about insectsAll kinds of information about insects

All kinds of information about insects

Explore the colorful world of insects with InsectThis app will help you learn about insects like never before. Just select an insect from the collection and then you can read about the species and see it in 3D or AR. We warn that it is in English but being able to see the insects in 3D and AR is amazing.

Download Insecta

We hope you liked the premieres of the week and we are waiting for you next week with new apps.



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