New applications that we recommend you download on your iPhone and iPad

These are the most outstanding new apps coming to iOS this week

Compilation with six New applications, more prominent, reaching ios this week. We recommend you take a look because they are really interesting.

New apps for iOS devices

The equator of the week arrives and we return to the load with the best new apps that come to our iPhone Y iPad. A good way to learn about new games and tools to get more out of your gaming devices. Manzana.

This week they have arrived games very good, of all kinds, and a tool to create documents and notes that is causing people to talk. It is receiving very good reviews and it is the first application that we are going to talk about today.

Let’s go with the premieres …

New apps and games for iPhone and iPad:

These apps and games have been released in the App Store, between November 12 and 19, 2020.

Craft – Docs and Notes Editor [Gratis]:

CRAFT documents and notes app

CRAFT documents and notes app

We are facing a new tool to create documents, notes and, also, to share your thoughts. Everything you save in Craft can be shared with a single tap. Craft supports backlinks, code snippets, images, videos, PDF attachments, and rich link previews.

Download Craft

Evo Pop [Gratis]:

Evo POP game for iOS

Evo POP game for iOS

The creators of the classic Cut the Rope, have developed this new puzzle game in which the strategy to pass each level will be crucial. A very original game that we recommend you download now.

Download Evo Pop

Frostborn: Coop Survival [Gratis]:

Frostborn for iPhoneFrostborn for iPhone

Frostborn for iPhone

Game RPG in which we must create and strengthen our base. We will have to seize the power of the gods and fight, with our friends, against the army of the dead. We will have to build a new capital and go to distant shores where we can get more treasures and new victories.

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Download Frostborn

Luna’s Quest Bubble Shooter [Gratis]:

Luna's Quest Bubble for iPhone

Luna’s Quest Bubble for iPhone

If you like games like Candy crush and the classic Bubble bobble, this game fuses them to make you have a good time.

Download Luna’s Quest Bubble Shooter

My Memory Of Us [2,29 €]:

My Memory of US game

My Memory of US game

As your description in the App Store“The story in ‘My Memory of Us’ is told from the perspective of two friends who complement each other. Everyone has their own abilities. She can run fast, he can sneak away. But only when they work together as a team can they overcome all adversities. You just want to have fun with your friend. Then go ahead! Take his hand and discover the adventures await you out there. There is nothing in the world that can stop you if you stay together.

Download My Memory Of Us

Without further ado and hoping that you have found the premieres that we have selected for you, we are waiting for you next week with more new apps for your iPhone Y iPad.

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