5 interesting NEW APPS for iPhone that have reached the App Store

These are the 5 most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone

Compilation of five most downloaded apps in the App Store, this week. They are applications that are hitting it worldwide.

Top downloads of the week

We begin the last week of August with the compilation of the most downloaded apps of the week. A selection that we make after consulting the top downloads of the App Store of the most influential countries in the world.

This week they appear again in the highest part of the ranking, from many countries, some apps that we already talked about in previous years. We are surprised to see them again among the Top downloads and that’s why we name them again.

Do not miss them because they are all very good.

Most downloaded apps of the week on iOS devices:

Here we show you the five most outstanding applications, among all the most downloaded, among the August 17 and 23, 2020.

EasyArt: 1-Tap Photo Editor [Gratis]:

Create wonderful compositions with this app for iPhone

Create wonderful compositions with this app for iPhone

Become an artist. This photo editing app is a great way to combine your photos. Very easy to apply various effects to make photos look much better. It is full of artistic filters, beautiful effects, thematic backgrounds, etc …

Download EasyArt

Antistress – relaxation toys [2,29 €]:

App against stressApp against stress

App against stress

Fantastic app made up of a lot of objects and games, with which to fight stress. Surely you will find a way to control those moments of nervousness, with some of the alternatives that this complete anti-stress app offers you.

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Download Antistress

Spiral Roll [Gratis]:

Game for iPhoneGame for iPhone

Game for iPhone

One of the simple and addictive games of the moment. For moments of boredom this game is a good “antidote” to combat them. Number 1 downloads in many countries on the planet.

Download Spiral Roll

Color Roll 3D [Gratis]:

Fun game for iPhone

Fun game for iPhone

Roll and create beautiful images. Very simple mechanics, we just have to touch and roll. Once you start playing it, it will be difficult to stop your addiction to this game. It is also an app that relaxes a lot when playing it.

Download Color Roll 3D

Crazy Voice Changer [Gratis]:

App to change your voice

App to change your voice

Try this application with which to create funny audios and videos with the different sound effects and animated stickers that we can find in the app. Get the best voice changing experience from your mobile device in seconds. Transform it into different voices and hear yourself as a robot, an animal or an alien.

Download Crazy Voice Changer

Without further ado and hoping to have introduced you to an app that has interested you, see you next week with the most downloaded applications of the week.


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