these are all their news

these are all their news

iPadOS and iOS 14.5 It is now available to download and install on all compatible devices and these are the main novelties of this update.

iOS 14.5 is here

After a few betas, and the formal announcement in the Spring Loaded event than iOS 14.5 would arrive this week, we finally have this long-awaited update between us. And then we tell you all the news that this update brings.

The most outstanding novelty of this update is, without a doubt, the possibility of unlocking the iPhone X and later with our Apple watch. This is really useful if we wear the mask and, for this, we only need iOS 14.5 and the latest version of watchOS.

iOS 14.5 is probably one of the biggest updates since iOS 14 itself

Another notable novelty that has been expected for some time is the improvement and transparency in tracking between applications. In this way, the apps will have to ask us for permission to track our activity and is part of the privacy improvements announced with iOS 14.

When it comes to emojis, there are some new ones with colored hearts and some new faces. But, in addition, we can change the skin colors, individually, in all the emojis that represent more than one person.

There are also important improvements over the 5G since, now, the Dual Sim is fully compatible with 5G. Some Siri functions are also improved, such as announcing, if we want, who calls us when we wear headphones or being able to ask them to call our emergency contacts.

iOS 14.5

The update

We also find improvements in the app Podcasts, as well as in Apple Music, which allows you to share lyrics on Instagram and Facebook Stories, in addition to that we can change the default player. And also, both the Reminders and Translate app have improved some aspects.

Compatibility with the controllers of the last generations of consoles has also been added. And aspects of CarPlay, Voice Control for Accessibility, as well as certain errors and bugs present in the operating system have been corrected.

Of course, and as it was ahead in the betas, ios Y iPadOS 14.5 This is a “big” update, with many important new features. What do you think of all the news that comes with this new version?


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