These are all the news that iPadOS 15 brings

These are all the news that iPadOS 15 brings

We already know all the news it will bring iPadOS fifteen, the future operating system for iPad, and we will tell you about them below.

The new iPad OS is here

The Keynote of the WWDC It has already come to an end and we already know what the future operating systems that will accompany our devices will look like. Manzana. Y, If we have already told you about how the future operating system of the iPhone will be, now it is the turn of the iPad.

Among the main novelties for iPad we meet multitasking. Thanks to this version of the operating system, it will now be much easier to use it since, doing so, the home screen will open to select the app we want.

iPadOS 15 brings to the iPad many functions present in the iPhone since iOS 14

We can also add a “third” multitasking app that will be added to the center of the screen. And we will see a new “shelf” in which all the open windows of the same app will be accumulated to open them more easily. We can also create split screen spaces in the app selector.

The widgets that we already had in the iPhone with the possibility of placing them on the home screen they also reach the iPad. And they do it with new widgets for native apps as well as in a new size that will show more information. In addition, the already well-known App Library also arrives at iPad.

ipados 15 2

Spotlight improvements

Now we will also have the possibility to create quick notes almost from anywhere in the iPad thanks to some shortcuts of the system and in them we can add almost any element. And we can also see all of them quickly.

In addition to all of the above, they also reach the iPad with iPadOS fifteen some of the new features introduced with iOS 15. Among them we have the improvements of Apple Music, as well as Messages and Memojis and also the new and improved notifications, the new Do Not Disturb Mode called Focus and the improvements of Photos, Maps and Spotlight.

What do you think of this new operating system for iPad? Do you want to try any of the new features that come with this version?


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