These are all the news of watchOS 7 for Apple Watch

These are all the news of watchOS 7 for Apple Watch

We already know all the news that watchOS 7 will bring in September to our Manzana Watch. We tell you about all its new functions.

watchos 7 novelties

All the news in watchOS 7

The Keynote of the WWDC It has already finished and we already know what the future of the operating systems of Manzana.

There are great news for all devices for both iOS and iPadOS like in macOS, Apple tv and even for AirPods. And, how could it be otherwise, we also know what the future of the Manzana Watch with watchOS 7.

These are the main news of watchOS 7 that the Keynote of the WWDC:

  • More complete spheres and with more complications. Arrive new spheres and both new and existing ones can be further customized, giving developers the possibility to better integrate their apps in the spheres.
  • Possibility of sharing spheres for the Manzana Watch, being able to download spheres from different developers and share them both with contacts and on social networks.
watchos 7 novelties 3watchos 7 novelties 3

Take the necessary seconds to wash your hands

  • New Training Dances and of Warm ups. So we can start a training and that the Manzana Watch I count it as training both when we dance, whatever the dance, and when we warm up.
  • An interesting function, designed for the time of the pandemic we are experiencing. Now the Apple Watch will detect that we are washing hands and it will show us the time that we must do it so that it is safe.
  • Maps will show, from our wrist, bike routes. And we can choose between the fastest route, even if it means getting off the bike, or a route designed just for cycling.
watchos 7 novelties 4watchos 7 novelties 4

The dream app on Apple Watch

  • Sleep control. This is one of the functions that, as they have said in the Keynote, the more the users of the Manzana Watch. He will finally be present with watchOS 7 and will allow you to control everything related to our dream, through the app Health of the iPhone.

In addition to all these novelties presented, we are sure that Manzana he keeps a pair of aces up his sleeve and when watchOS 7 definitely see the light, there will be some more news. What do you think of these news for Manzana Watch?

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Apple Watch will be compatible with WatchOS 7:

This is the official list of compatible devices with WatchOS 7 which, remember, will be officially launched in the fall for all users.

Apple watches compatible with WatchOS 7Apple watches compatible with WatchOS 7

Apple watches compatible with WatchOS 7



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