These are all the news of the beta of iOS 14.5

iOS 14.4 is now available to be installed on our iPhone

The iOS 14.5 beta brings many new features that make this future update of iOS Y iPadOS is quite an interesting update.

All the news in the iOS 14.5 beta

It’s been a few days since iOS 14.5 is between us. Of course, in beta form, both for developers and public. And one of its main novelties is the possibility of unlock our iPhone with FaceID having a mask on thanks to our Apple Watch.

But while this function is definitely the most striking and useful of this future update, it is not the only one of the novelties. Unlike, iOS and iPadOS 14.5 brings some interesting news accounts that will make this update an important one.

These are all the news in the iOS 14.5 beta:

As we have already mentioned the Most interesting novelty is the possibility of unlocking an iPhone with FaceID with our Apple Watch when we have our faces covered. A very useful feature in times of pandemic when wearing the mask much of the time.

They will also arrive, definitely, anti-tracking notices. The ultimate privacy feature announced by Manzana in the WWDC will appear definitively and the apps they must ask us for permission to track us between apps and websites.

unlock iphone apple watch

Unlocking the iPhone using the Apple Watch

Compatibility is also added more controllers for games, specifically what latest PS5 and Xbox controllers. The use of the 5G with Dual sim, and some aspects of the apps are improved Podcasts Y Reminders from iOS Y iPadOS.

And there is not only news for him iPhone, but the iPad it also gains an important function. From iPadOS 14.5 the function Scribble of the iPad and the Apple Pencil detect Spanish. That is, now we can write with the Apple Pencil by hand in Spanish and it will automatically go to digital text. Not only that, but the search for emojis on the keyboard.

As we can see, in the beta of iOS 14.5 there are many news that will soon reach our iPhone Y iPad. And who knows if, finally, many more news and new functions do not appear.


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