There is already a definitive date to accept, or not, the terms of WhatsApp

WhatsApp will share data with Facebook, and you will not be able to deny

Whatsapp has already set a definitive date for accept your new terms and conditions and, if we do not, there will be consequences.

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New WhatsApp terms already have a final date

To a greater or lesser extent, we are sure that all users of Whatsapp you are more or less aware of its new and controversial terms and conditions of use. And it is that, since the effects of these new terms were known, there has been quite a controversy and many users have fled from WhatsApp.

Although a modification of terms and conditions, in principle, should not worry, in this case it is quite worrying. This is basically because WhatsApp will begin to share our data in the app with Facebook, the owner of the instant messaging app.

WhatsApp users in the EU can accept these new terms without fear thanks to the GDPR

As we say, since this became known, there was a lot of controversy. So much so that since WhatsApp should have issued an official response clarifying the new terms and even, delaying the date on which they were to come into force, which, initially, was going to be February 8, 2021.

This date was moved to May 15, 2021 and, from the looks of it, this will be the definitive date of entry into force of the new terms and conditions of use of Whatsapp. And, should we decide not to accept them, it seems that we will have consequences.

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One of the latest features of WhatsApp and Instagram

As you can imagine, the consequence will be the inability to continue using the application. But, it will not be something automatic, but Whatsapp It will prevent anyone who does not accept the terms from being able to continue using certain functions until they lose access to the account.

We understand that this is done as a warning, since Whatsapp It will begin by showing the obligation to accept the terms to continue using the app. But, if we continue not to accept them, although we can use some functions in the app, we will not be able to read messages or send them.

Having seen this, if we want to continue using Whatsapp totally, it seems that there will be no choice but to accept the terms and conditions. And it should be remembered that, European Union users, we have no risk in accepting them because thanks to GDPR, they will not be able to cross our data with Facebook.


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