The WhatsApp app faces several security problems

The WhatsApp app faces several security problems

Apparently, the instant messaging app WhatsApp faces various privacy and security issues for users.

WhatsApp must be updated as soon as there are updates

WhatsApp It is probably one of the most widely used instant messaging apps today. That is why it is normal that it is in the crosshairs of hackers and others since, with the number of users that the app has, they could obtain a lot of data.

Although it is mostly a safe application, that does not make it risk free. And that’s what it looks like now as a cybersecurity agency has discovered a number of security issues and vulnerabilities in WhatsApp that can put the security and privacy of users at risk.

WhatsApp faces several vulnerabilities that you should fix as soon as possible

Apparently, the vulnerability that the application has would allow attackers to gain access to user information and data. This vulnerability apparently allows malicious code to be executed in the app.

In this way, and through the lock screen, this data could be accessed. This vulnerability affects, at least in the devices ios, both to the normal version of WhatsApp like the business version, WhatsApp Business.

whatsapp unblock contact 2021

Contact Settings in WhatsApp

Also, this is not the only security issue. There also seems to be a vulnerability with which anyone could block any account of the app WhatsApp having access, only, to the telephone number of the users.

At the moment, although it seems that since WhatsApp These problems and vulnerabilities have not been solved, we are sure that they will soon. That is why it is more important than ever to be aware of the app updates in the App Store and update the application as soon as an update is available.


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