The Weather app is not what it used to be. Apple has changed everything in iOS 15

The Weather app is not what it used to be.  Apple has changed everything in iOS 15

The app of Weather on iOS 15 it has totally changed. With the arrival of this new ios it is much better, it gives more information about everything that surrounds us. For many years this application has been the same.

Weather app iOS 15

The new change is obvious as soon as you open the application. The sky is bluer, the rain is more alive and the clouds move according to the air. You could really say that the time in iOS 15 comes alive.

Weather is the app that has changed the most, in this new version of ios, both aesthetically and the interface. It is spectacular to see the interactive maps of any part of the world implemented. Crazy.

What’s New in Weather iOS 15:

The app tells us the quality of the air we breathe, the rate of ultraviolet rays that affect us, what time the sun sets, where the wind comes from (if we have it), as well as its speed, the amount of rain that has fallen in the last 24 hours, the thermal sensation and humidity, the visibility and even the atmospheric pressure… come on, who is not informed is because they do not want to. It really is good and yes, it is quite right.

Captures app weather iOS 15

Captures app weather iOS 15

I like this new version much more. Apart from having a lot more information, it is very easy to use and very visual, something that did not happen in previous versions of the operating system.

Weather In iOS it has always been there and its information was useful to be consulted on certain occasions, but with this change it gives more information and allows you to enjoy it. What do you want me to tell you, with the new version you want to start investigating and playing with the maps. Ok, I confess, I did it to waste time, not to investigate for you, but the new version is a pleasure.

I really want you to enjoy it. When you download it, in September, tell me, please.



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