The Truth About Alexa Site Links and How to Get It

The Truth About Alexa Site Links and How to Get It

It’s actually easy to get Alexa site links to your site when you know the secret. Many bloggers or site owners were confused and wondered why their site did not have links to Alexa sites. Mainly because they believed that links to Alexa sites are similar to backlinks. Well, that is not really wrong, but quite incorrect. The number of linked sites that Alexa reports is the number of websites in Browsing the Web by Alexa this link to a given website.

Usually Alexa crawls the number of linked sites, but not all of them are listed. Here are explanations for cases where you know of links pointing to your site that Alexa doesn’t list and count (see Alexa Faq):

  1. Alexa counts the number of linked sites, not the number of pages. (Only one link from a given site is counted.)
  2. Alexa updates the number of linked sites only once per month for all sites. (Although the number of inbound links for sites with a Premium listing is updated daily.)
  3. Alexa does not count links from link farms or other similar search engine placement mechanisms, such as links that obviously come from link exchanges.
  4. Alexa’s web crawling focuses on pages with measurable traffic. If Alexa cannot measure traffic to a given web page, then it is less likely that it will be crawled and links on that page will not be counted.

So how do you easily get Alexa site links? The secret is, Alexa Toolbar. This tool works like a spy gathering data from all the properties of the site (traffic, ranking, links) that the user has visited where they use the Alexa toolbar. This will help Alexa to collect data from any site, including the link to the site. And One way to make Alexa aware of your sites connection is to use these links with the Alexa Toolbar installed and enabled on your browser.. For example, if you made a comment on a site and put your link there, just be sure to click on your link and let Alexa’s spy report it.

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Well the Alexa site link is not a backlink but it is quite prestigious for your site. If you want to increase high quality backlink to your site, please also read Improve Pagerank with 100 Free Link Directory List or simpler and don’t ignore Easy Tricks to increase backlinks. Give it a try and good luck!

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