The Telegram app will be fully compatible with Siri

How to adjust the maximum size of Telegram cache

The instant messaging application Telegram I’d be testing a new feature that would make it fully compatible with Siri.

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An interesting function will come to Telegram

At this point we are all more or less aware that the main rival of WhatsApp it is Telegram. The latter stands out for all its functions and the new features that it is adding to the application, although it does not end up exceeding WhatsApp in popularity.

But it does exceed the features that it adds in its app. And, from the looks of it, they are going to add a very interesting new feature that will make the instant messaging application fully compatible with Siri.

This feature is available in the Telegram beta for some users

The function in question is the possibility of Announce Telegram messages with Siri. This function was implemented in iOS 13 and it allows Siri to read us the messages we receive through certain applications through our headphones.

This feature is currently in the testing phase in Telegram and it’s showing up for certain beta Telegram users. If you use the beta of the app you can check if you have the function available by accessing Notifications in the Settings of the app. If it is available, Announce messages with Siri will appear and you will only have to activate the function to be able to use it.


One of the Telegram functions

Of course, the function is only compatible with those headphones that have a H1 chip and that they are from Manzana. Therefore, it can be used with all subsequent first-generation AirPods and some of the Beats headphones.

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Although this function is being tested in the beta phase of the app, it is likely that, as with most of the functions it tests Telegram, I ended up reaching the final version of the app. What do you think of this function that is testing Telegram? Will you make use of it?


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