The real ghost is the protagonist of season 17 of Clash Royale

The real ghost is the protagonist of season 17 of Clash Royale

Season is now available Clash Royale 17 and the Royal Ghost becomes the absolute protagonist of the game this season.

New season of Clash Royale

A new month has come to an end and, as usual with the first Monday of the month, the new season of Clash Royale. A very interesting season on an aesthetic level and with the novelties we are used to.

As usual, we are launching a new Legendary Arena. Although in some seasons we have returned to Sand Legendary basic, this season does not happen, and the game releases a very aesthetically striking Legendary Arena.

In season 17 of Clash Royale highlights the aesthetics and design of the Legendary Arena

It is based on the Royal Ghost and the theme of this card. That is why there are spooky and treasure details. Of course, this season we do not have any new cards to release, but there will be many challenges to get legendary cards and rewards.

clash royale 2 season 17

The miniature of the new Legendary Arena

In addition to the challenges, if we buy the Pass Royale, we can get the usual rewards. There are, on the one hand, the free ones. And, on the other, those of payment with an emoticon of the Mega Knight, and very eye-catching tower skins, also based on the Royal Ghost.

In this Clash Royale season 17, there will also be balance changes. They affect a total of 6 cards in the game. The first to be affected are the Barbarians from Elite. This card will become fast instead of very fast, but its life, its damage and its attack speed will increase.

clash royale season 17 1

Some of this season’s challenges

The MiniPekka It will also be affected and its attack speed will increase, as is the case with Stone from which hit points are increased. Regarding the Cemetery, the skeletons will begin to appear towards the edges of the spell. Finally, the damage done by the Magician Electric and the speed of the first attack of Sparks.

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From what you can see, this season we have the usual news. But, despite this, it gains a lot due to the aesthetics it offers. What do you think about it?

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