The Radar COVID app is updated with many new features

The Radar COVID app is updated with many new features

The COVID Radar app, the official app for the expansion of COVID19 In Spain, it has received an update with many new features.

The Radar COVID app becomes more complete

Some time ago that app COVID radar is available for download. During this time the app has been updated little by little. And now a new update of the app which includes interesting news.

The main novelty that is included with this update is the quarantine counter. In this way, whoever has had a risky or positive contact will know how many days of quarantine remain to be done in order to keep other people safe.

Among the novelties of this update of Radar COVID are the days of quarantine and the statistics

Statistics have also been added in the application. In a new tab, which once updated the app would be the fourth, we can see the total number of downloads that the app has app and the number of positive cases that have been detected thanks to COVID radar.

Not only that, but we can also see with which apps from other countries the application can be connected to find out the possible contacts, being a total of 8 for now. And we can also access statistics from different official sources.

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The new app statistics

In addition, among the different improvements that have been added, the app now has a notification that will periodically remind you to open the app to know the risk of contagion, as well as the possibility of using the application in French and various general improvements and related to accessibility for people with various disabilities.

As you know, this app is designed to stop the expansion of the COVID19 and to notify, anonymously, positive contacts. That is why, if you still do not have it downloaded in your iPhone, we can not do anything other than recommend that you download it.

Download the app with which you can help stop the spread of COVID19 in Spain


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