The Radar Covid app is the official app in Spain to stop COVID-19

The app Radar Covid is the official application in Spain to increase the tracking of cases and try to stop the expansion of the Coronavirus Covid-19.

The Radar Covid app is the official app in Spain to stop COVID-19

Spanish App to try to stop the advance of COVID19

In an attempt to stop the expansion of the Coronavirus Covid-19 many governments have created applications. Apps that can be very necessary and useful when, predictably, the so-called second wave of the Coronavirus arrives. And one of the Governments who got down to work is the Spanish Government, being Radar Covid the app for it.

Many of you probably already know about her. And it is that it was in the testing phase initially in the Canary Islands. In this testing phase the app It was only supposed to be downloaded in the Islands, but now it is already available to be downloaded throughout the country.

The Radar COVID app should be fully operational in all CCAA in September

This application is completely anonymous and does not use, in ios, no data that is not necessary. Therefore, she does not have access to any identifier of who is using the application and does not even have access to the location of the device.

Thanks to her and the system created by Apple and Google who uses the Bluetooth of our device, we will be able to know if we have had any risk contact with someone infected by Coronavirus. And we can also notify our positive. This is possible thanks to a code that our health service must provide us.

app radar covid ios spain 1The Radar Covid app is the official app in Spain to stop COVID-19

The positive notice and notification system of the app

Although it can be downloaded throughout Spain, it is not yet fully operational. And it is that, so that the app can notify us of contacts and we can notify the positive by COVID19, the Autonomous Communities must connect their health services with the application system.

In any case, it is expected that the total availability in all the Autonomous Communities be ready for september, so we recommend you download it since, once it is fully operational, you can help a lot to stop the spread of the virus.

Download the app and help stop the spread of COVID19

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