The presentation of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro could be earlier than expected

The iPhone 12 could be delayed and not see the light until October

The date for the presentation of futures iPhone 12 and 12 Pro it appears to be in place and may be sooner than expected.

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Future iPhones could arrive in September

After the WWDC And with the unusual summer that awaits us, many of us are waiting for the next big Apple event. We talk about the presentation of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro that although rumored to be delayed until OctoberIt seems that in the end it will not be like this.

Of these futures iPhone We already know some details, like the price that could cost, some of their specifications like new design and the notch reduction, wave removal of both charger like EarPods. But the date has always been in doubt though, rumored to be late until October, but what it seems is that it will finally be in September.

In addition to the iPhone 12 presentation event in September, there could be another presentation in October.

This is what the latest leaks and rumors suggest that, as of almost August, it is normal for them to start appearing. And the date chosen by Manzana to present its new star products it would be at the beginning of September.

Specifically, if the rumors are correct, the date for this event would be Tuesday, September 8. In this event the next iPhone 12, but not only that, but we would also see the new Apple Watch and a iPad new.

iphone 12 prices theapplehubiphone 12 prices theapplehub

The possible prices of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

Not only that, but there could also be another event with more news and devices on October 27. The novelties of this event would be the renewal of the brand new iPad Pro, the presentation of new Mac with the chip Manzana and, even, it is possible that we saw the Manzana Glass.

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As usual, and although these rumors tend to be right or, at least, close to the date on which the products will be presented, we can only wait until Manzana Announce the date officially. Will you buy some of the products that you present Manzana coming soon?


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