The OnePlus 8 series is much cheaper in India than the US

The OnePlus 8 series is much cheaper in India than the US

OnePlus announced the 8 and 8 Pro phones early last week, but did not share pricing information for India, one of its biggest markets. Now we have the numbers, and the new phones could be a lot more competitive than you thought based on US prices, which has pushed the brand to the flagship territory.

In one Tweeter, OnePlus says the 8 series will start at Rs. 41,999, or about $ 550. The base price of the OnePlus 8 is $ 699 in the United States. Through Android Central, however, this comparison has a slight drawback: the entry-level model in India seems to be market exclusive and has 6 GB of RAM compared to 8 GB. It will also only be available on Amazon.

However, Indian prices are lower across the range. The 8GB / 128GB OnePlus 8 costs less than $ 100 at Rs. 44,999 (~ $ 590), while the 12GB / 256GB model costs around $ 150 cheaper at Rs. 49,999 ($ ​​650).

The OnePlus 8 Pro sees even greater savings, with the 8 GB / 128 GB model sold for Rs. 54,999 (~ $ 720) – a discount of almost $ 180 – while the 12 GB / 256 GB model is more $ 200 cheaper with a price of 59,999 Rs ($ 785). In fact, the higher-end OnePlus 8 Pro costs less in India than the equivalent non-Pro model in the United States.

Finally, the Bullets Z wireless headphones are roughly half the US price, just Rs. 1999 (~ $ 25) compared to the US price of $ 49.95.

The pricing strategy is aggressive, but was probably inevitable. Although OnePlus is the first high-end phone brand in India, the type of American pricing it introduced with the 8 series really wouldn’t fly, especially given the competitiveness of the Indian market.

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Brands like Realme and iQOO – which share the same parent company as OnePlus – have already launched phones powered by Snapdragon 865 in India at even lower prices, for example. The Indian price of the 8 series gives OnePlus a little prestige on these brands, but still allows it to play in the same league. OnePlus also has manufacturing lines in India that help it avoid tariffs.


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