The new Telegram update comes with many new features

The new Telegram update comes with many new features

Since Telegram They have released an update to their instant messaging app that brings many new features to the application.

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New Telegram update with many new features

Telegram, the instant messaging app, more and more users. This is because, although the app is very powerful, probably because a lot of people are running away from WhatsApp because of the new terms and conditions of use of the app.

But, as we have already told you before knowing the new terms of Whatsapp, Telegram It has many features that make it a great alternative to Whatsapp. And now, the application adds many more functions with its new update.

Among the news that Telegram includes are the messages that self-delete and widgets, among other functions

The main novelties of this update are the messages that destroy themselves. These messages that self-destruct or delete themselves can be configured for any chat or channel that we have and we can choose to have them deleted 24 hours or 7 days after we have sent them.

Not only this, but it also includes a lot more interesting news. So, from now on, we can create invite links to groups and channels that are only available for a limited time, that is, they expire. And we can also see who has joined through these links. as well as converting them into QR codes.

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One of the Telegram widgets

In addition, the possibility to add widgets to our home screen thanks to iOS 14. There are two widgets, both medium in size, and one of them allows us to see the latest messages from the most important chats and, thanks to the other widgets, we can quickly access the chats of our choice.

To have all the functions that we have mentioned, you only have to update the app Telegram. For this you will have to access the App Store and update it manually, as long as you do not have automatic updates activated. What do you think of all these news from Telegram?


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