The new iPhone 13 (12S) looks the same as the iPhone 12

The new iPhone 13 (12S) looks the same as the iPhone 12

Manzana you tend to stretch out the design that works for you. He changed it with the iPhone 6 and it was until iPhone X with the. Now it seems that it is going the same way … although it only seems that way, because something has changed.

IPhone 13 mockups. (Image:

The models of the new iPhone what Manzana will present in September and highlights the variations that we will find in the cameras of the iPhone 13 (12s) Mini and in the iPhone 13 (12s) and in the amplitude of the camera module in the Pro. You see a bigger module. They say that ahead we will also have variations, that the notch It will be smaller and that for this the phone’s speaker will go up to the upper margin … It will have to be seen.

I do not have special affection for this form of cameras, although if you see the terminal closely, it does not disappoint. And I guess in the iPhone 13 (12s) the design of the “normal” will not be bad. In design issues, Manzana usually does things well.

The iPhone 13 (12s) mockup says nothing new:

According to the photos that have been released, the only thing that will change, in the new generation, it will be the camera module and that they will be larger than usual. The rest everything will remain the same, except the notch that will be smaller also. Come on, we are facing a 12s In all rules.

iPhone 13 Comparison

Camera module size comparison (Image:

Connoisseurs say that the photos will be much better, having a much larger lens will let in more light and that will influence the quality. We see that the sensor LiDAR We will only find it in the Pro versions, not in the entire range as previously thought.

If it is as it is said, the iPhone 13 (12s) will not add anything new to the iPhone 12Manzana Lately he has not contributed anything new, although he may surprise us with something, because he has become hard and serious with the leaks.

What do you think? … Do you think it could be a iPhone folding?.


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