The new Clan Wars come to Clash Royale

The new Clan Wars come to Clash Royale

Clash Royale has released a new update and brings, as the main novelty, the new Clan Wars completely renovated.

A new game mode comes to Clash Royale

It’s been a while since Clash Royale it had no update. But, for a while, since Supercell they had been announcing the arrival of a new feature to replace the, until now, current Wars. And with the new update we already have the new Clan Wars 2, which replace the old ones.

The operation changes completely in these new Wars. Now there will no longer be a day of collecting letters and another day of War in which we will have to form a deck with the cards obtained to win the rest of the clans.

The new Clan Wars are the main feature of this Clash Royale update

From now on the Wars take place in a river. Our mission is to reach the end of the river before the rival clans. And for this we have to carry out a series of battles, but not only that, but we will also have to protect our ship.

new clan wars clash royale 3

The river to go up

The battles have to be carried out by the different members of the clan. For this we have to prepare a total of 4 decks and we can choose between different game modes to play. That is, when we use the four decks of cards, in which there can be no repeated cards, we will have to wait a period of time to play.

Furthermore, at the end the period of «Grace«Our ship will lose its shield and that is why we will have to protect it. For this we will have to choose cards to protect it and thus prevent it from suffering damage. If we manage to arrive first, we will get better rewards, which is why the missions have been removed from the game.

new clan wars clash royale 2

Some of the prizes we get

At the moment, and although it was announced as the biggest update of Clash Royale, we only find the change of the Wars. We will see what the future season brings us, but it seems that the mechanics of the new Wars promises. What do you think of this new way of playing with your clan?

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