The most interesting releases of the week on the App Store

The most interesting releases of the week on the App Store

If you want to know what the New applications most interesting of the week, to iPhone and iPad, don’t stop reading. Surely some, if not all, will come in handy.

New apps for iPhone and iPad

Thursday arrives, the equator of the week and day that we dedicate to review the new apps arrivals at App Store.

This week, above all, new games for iphone and we have had to work hard to show you the best ones. One of them is, exclusive, for Apple watch. If you have one of the watches Manzana feel free to download and play it whenever you feel like it. We also mention a new app that astronomy lovers will fall in love with.

New games for iPhone and iPad:

Applications released between March 25 and April 1, 2021, on the App Store.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! [Gratis]:

Crash Bandicoot screenshots on iPhone

Crash Bandicoot screenshots on iPhone

Great game that appeared last week after publishing our article and we wanted to mention it this week because it deserves it. More and more characters from classic games, from different franchises, are coming to games for Apple devices. The last to join was the classic character Crash Bandicoot that comes in the form of runner to iPhone and iPad.

Game Crash Bandicoot

Dead Man’s Phone [Gratis]:

Adventure of intrigue for iPhone

Intrigue Adventure for iPhone

Play the title role in a crime drama nominated for BAFTA. You are a London Yard detective who solves murders through the victims’ smartphone. Imagine having the smartphone of a murder victim. Find clues in your personal messages, photos, and apps. This is a police crime drama, starring you as the main character.

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Download Dead Man’s Phone

Sunset Time: Moon Phase [Gratis]:

Sunset Time App

Sunset Time App

Know the time of sunrise and sunset at any time. Sunset time is an elegant application that shows you the times of sunrise, sunset, first and last light for the exact place where you are or for any place in the world.

Download Sunset Time

Drive All Night [Gratis]:

Drive all night game

Drive all night game

Drive All Night is the director’s first film Peter hsieh, and is about a lonely taxi driver who picks up a mysterious young woman. The game allows players to fight as Face, the main character of the film, in various unexplored scenes of the film.

Download Drive All Night

Star duster [1,09 €]:

Excellent game for Apple Watch

Excellent game for Apple Watch

Star duster is an action packed 80s inspired LCD style game for your Apple watch. Become the hero, chase your high score and collect all the achievements in this simple but intense format. Perfect for short sessions.

Download Star Duster

What do you think of the premieres? It is possibly one of the best compilations we have made lately. Apps of all kinds that will surely come from pearls for your iPhone and iPad.

We are waiting for you next week. Greetings.


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