The most interesting releases hit the App Store this week

The most interesting releases hit the App Store this week

We bring you the new apps among the hundreds that have arrived in recent days at the App Store. Five apps that we recommend you download, whenever they interest you.

What’s new in the App Store

Midweek and here we comment on the most outstanding releases that have come to iOS, in the last seven days. It is always good to know that new apps they arrive for our iPhone Y iPad, to find out if we are interested in replacing any of the ones we have or to test new utilities and games.

If you are getting in shape to show off your mountain body this summer, in the northern hemisphere, we bring you some applications that are sure to come in handy. In addition, we bring you new games and new tools to get the most out of your devices Manzana.

New apps for iPhone and iPad:

Here are some of the news published between the May 27 and June 3, 2021.

Kingsense [Gratis]:


Tactical RPG for iPhone

Kingsense is a tactical RPG with a futuristic art style. Go on a great adventure in a futuristic world with your SENSATES. Create powerful squads, participate in unique game modes and events, and experience a story like no other. From now on, bear the power of SENSATES.

Download Kingsense

Under my roof [Gratis]:

Under My Roof

App to have everything about your home under control

Under my roof goes beyond keeping track of important information about your home and your belongings, helping you maintain and care for them, including: storing important documents, tracking maintenance, repairs, renovations and modifications, helping you with moves, estate planning, insurance and claims coverage and much more…. Everything is organized and available in one place to help you with your home needs.

Download Under My Roof

Quantile [2,29 €]:


Sports widgets for iPhone

You exert yourself a lot when you exercise. Celebrate your success by posting stats where you can use them for motivation, comfort, or just a reminder of how amazing your work is. Quantile helps you do exactly that by putting your workouts on your home screen with a collection of beautiful widgets of training.

Download Quantile

Watch Heart Rate Zones App [Gratis]:

Watch Heart Rate Zones App

App for Apple Watch

Visualize how hard you are working outside of traditional calorie, speed and distance metrics with real-time zone training, using your Apple Watch Heart Rate. You can use Zone Training to get instant feedback on your performance and start crushing your fitness goals.

Download Watch Heart Rate Zones App

Count Masters: Running Game [Gratis]:

Count Masters: Running Game

Addictive game for iPhone

Become the master of the crowd and lead your people through the crowded city to the end of this epic race. Crash against obstacles and defeat everyone on your way, collect coins and improve your levels. A very addictive game.

Download Count Masters

We hope you liked today’s selection. If so, we encourage you to share it on social networks and messaging apps. We would appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.



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