The most interesting new apps for iPhone and iPad of the week

The best free apps of the moment for iPhone and iPad

We bring you the top new apps, out of the hundreds who have arrived in recent days to iOS. Five apps that we recommend you download, whenever they interest you.

New apps for iOS

Ecuador of the week and here we bring you the most outstanding premieres of all that we have seen in the App Store. Always good to know what new apps come to iOS to find out if we are interested in adding one to the main screen of our iPhone and iPad.

In recent days, many interesting apps have come to the App Store. This week we highlight, apart from games, some productivity applications that are sure to come in handy for many of you.

Let’s go with the news …

New apps for iPhone and iPad coming to the App Store:

These new applications have been launched in the App Store between January 14 and 21, 2021.

Essayist – APA & MLA Essays [Gratis]:

App to write essays

App to write essays

Essayist allows us to write APA and MLA essays with ease. From in-text citations to references to page setup, the app takes care of it all. It greatly simplifies the academic writing process.

Download Essayist

An Otter RSS Reader [Gratis]:

New RSS readerNew RSS reader

New RSS reader

Interesting and innovative new RSS reader for your iPhone. Enter the URL of the website you want to follow and the app will detect its RSS feed. In addition, it allows us to add Widgets to our home screen.

Download An Otter RSS Reader

Ronin: the Last Samurai [Gratis]:

Nija fighting game

Nija fighting game

New ninja fighting game made with ink and gradients. Level up, unlock new skills, collect various equipment, and work hard to get stronger. Do not forget that the path of revenge is very dangerous and painful, and when you die, you can only start from the beginning.

Download Ronin

SpringNotes [6,99 €]:

SpringNotes App for iOS

SpringNotes App for iOS

Write notes of Markdown in style, sync with your Mac, iPhone and iPad, add tasks and tags, export to a variety of formats, and choose your favorite style from a variety of colorful themes. SpringNotes It is a new approach to note taking and although minimalist in design, it has features that are intuitive and very powerful.

Download SpringNotes

Perfect Wax 3D [Gratis]:

Beauty center simulator

Beauty center simulator

We already talked about her in the section Top downloads Monday. A new game that is being widely downloaded worldwide and with it you will have a great time. It is the simulator of a beauty center. Your service has to be neat and clean. Try to be as perfect as possible.

Download Perfect Wax 3D

Yes more and hoping that you have liked all these news, we are waiting for you next week with new apps and games for your iPhone and iPad.



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