The most interesting new apps coming to iPhone in the last week

The most interesting new apps coming to iPhone in the last week

We tell you what the new apps for iPhone and iPad, highlights of the week. We bring you five apps for you to have a great time during the next few days.

New applications for iOS devices

Again Thursday and, again, we bring you the most interesting premieres of the week. New apps that have caught our attention, among the many that have reached the App Store in the last days, and that we named you in one of our star sections.

This week few interesting apps have been released on the App Store And, therefore, this week almost all the premieres that we recommend you download are games. In addition, we name one of Apple arcade that we have loved and that joins all great titles that have hit the Apple gaming platform.

New apps for iPhone and iPad:

These games have appeared in the App Store between June 17 and 24, 2021.

Acupuncture Guide [28,99 €]:

Acupuncture Guide

Acupuncture Guide App

The best tool for the student and professional of acupuncture. A guide conceived and produced by Li Ping, in which he reflects his more than thirty years of experience training thousands of acupuncturists. The app contains more than 400 location and puncture videos, with tricks and techniques to locate the points and all the indications and precautions you need to puncture them safely.

Download Acupuncture Guide

Baba is you [7,99 €]:

Baba Is You

Game Baba Is You

We are facing a puzzle game in which you can change the rules with which you play. At all levels, the rules are present as blocks that you can interact with by manipulating them. We can change the way the level works and cause surprising and unexpected interactions. With a simple push of blocks, you can turn into a rock, turn patches of grass into dangerous obstacles, and even change the objective you need to achieve something completely different.

Download Baba Is You

Unmaze [Gratis]:


Unmaze Adventure

Bring Asterion and Theseus out of the labyrinth in this visual novel inspired by Greek mythology. Place the phone in the light to speak to Theseus, or in the shadow to speak to Asterion. But be careful, the more you help one, the more the other loses. Help them make the right decisions, face many dangers and discover the secrets of the labyrinth to perhaps free them. A pity that it is in English, but hey, if you are studying this language it will help you to practice it while you play.

Download Unmaze

Lost in blindness [5,49 €]:

Lost in Blindness

Game Lost in Blindness

On Lost in blindness, the blind adventure game, you will discover incredible 3D environments with only sound, without seeing anything and being completely free to move. Explore a temple deep in the Amazon and solve all the puzzles it contains. Thanks to a system of dialogue options, make decisions that will change the course of your story, to make it even more overwhelming!

Download Lost in Blindness

Frenzic: Overtime [Apple Arcade]:

Frenzic: Overtime

Frenzic: Overtime on Apple Arcade

Great puzzle game that has hooked us from the first moment and that is going to join with these tremendous releases that are going to arrive at Apple Arcade shortly. Without a doubt, today, the subscription to Apple Arcade is a very good investment if you are a gamer.

Download Frenzic

We hope you have liked all these five apps and that they come in handy for the next few days.

We are waiting for you next week with new and interesting app releases for your devices ios.



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