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The most interesting new apps coming to iPhone in the last week

We tell you what the new applications for iPhone and iPad, most outstanding of the week. Today we throw the house out the window and we bring you nine apps so that you have a great time in the coming days.

New applications for iOS devices

New applications for iOS devices

Again Thursday and, again, we bring you the most interesting releases of the week. New apps that have caught our attention, among the many that have reached the App Store in the last days, and that we name you in one of our star sections.

Without a doubt, the premiere of the week has been Pokémon Café Mix. A puzzle game that will surely be one of the most downloaded apps of the week. In addition to this new game, we bring you more news that you will surely love.

New apps for iPhone and iPad:

These games have appeared in the App Store between June 18 and 25, 2020.

Pokémon Café Mix [Gratis]:

Puzzle gamePuzzle game

Puzzle game

New Pokémon game in which we will take a cafeteria where delicious dishes are served. A puzzle game that is sure to entertain every lover in the Pokémon world.

Download Pokémon Café Mix

Nutritional information [5,49 €]:

Food information appFood information app

Food information app

App that provides us with complete and accurate nutritional information on food. Take a look at the detailed nutritional values ​​of over 7,000 foods, including calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals, and more.

Download Nutritional Information

Crash [Gratis]:

Car gameCar game

Game cars

Crash is a fun and racing game in which we must crash all the cars to win the race. Shock to get coins and buy more vehicles.

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Download Crash

Suntime – Sun Moon Timeline [Gratis]:

App astronomyApp astronomy

Astronomy app

If you like astronomy we recommend you try this app. Suntime it is an interactive timeline that connects us to the cycles of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon.

Download Suntime

Slay the Spire [10,99 €]:

Card GameCard Game

Card game

Card games merged with the genre roguelike, with which you can create your deck and discover fantastic creatures and relics that are full of power.

Download Slay the Spire

We hope you liked all these new apps and that they come to you as pearls for the next few days.

We wait for you next week with new and interesting premieres app for your devices iOS.


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