The most downloaded apps on iPhone lately

The most downloaded apps of the week on the App Store

Selection of the five most downloaded apps on iOS during the last week. A compilation in which we bring you the apps that are being installed the most worldwide. Do not miss it!!!.

Most downloaded apps of the week on iOS

We started the week in the best way. We bring you the Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad in the last seven days. Titles that are triumphing in half the world and that, surely, you do not know.

This week we mention a new game in which a classic video game character appears, an app for buying clothes and accessories, a retro camera that is succeeding in Japan, a most curious messaging app … a pack of apps that you we recommend, as always, at least to try. For something they are the most downloaded on the planet.

Are you really going to miss them? We of you would not do it.

Most downloaded apps of the week on iOS:

These have been the most outstanding, among the most downloaded worldwide, since the March 22-28, 2021.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! [Gratis]:

Screenshots of Crash Bandicoot on iPhone

Crash Bandicoot screenshots on iPhone

More and more characters from classic games, from different franchises, are coming to games for mobile devices. Manzana. The last to join was the classic character Crash Bandicoot that comes in the form of a runner to iPhone Y iPad. Since it was launched it has been TOP DOWNLOADS in the most influential countries on the planet.

Crash Bandicoot App

EE35 Film Camera [2,29 €]:

Retro camera app for iPhone

Retro camera app for iPhone

This app simulates a retro camera from the 1960s. Its operation is very simple, pull the film advance lever and press the shutter to take the photo. There are two types of film, color and black and white. Development ends immediately after taking a photo and the film image is also saved. A widely downloaded application in Japan.

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Download EE35 Film Camera

Tinkovu [Gratis]:

Simple messaging app

Simple messaging app

Tinkovu is an application designed for people who cannot always be together. A tink is a notification that will be sent to your friends when you think of them. To do this, you just have to press the central button of the application. Please note that this app does not require the creation of an account. You just have to enter your nickname and link your partner. Reminds a lot of ME app.

Download Tinkovu

ABOUT YOU Fashion Online Shop [Gratis]:

ABOUT YOU Fashion shopping app

ABOUT YOU Fashion shopping app

A new platform for buying clothes and accessories that, for the moment, is only available in Spain. Brutal the level of downloads it has obtained and the good reception it has received. It sure has had a lot to do with the promotion they have made of her in TikTok.

Download ABOUT YOU

WOMBO [Gratis]:

WOMBO a fun app for iPhone

WOMBO a fun app for iPhone

An application that we talked about a few weeks ago and that does not fall out of the TOP 5 downloads in many countries. One of the nicest and funniest applications out there, right now, on the App Store. Create fun videos with the selfie of the person you want. You will not be able to laugh.


Without further ado, we say goodbye to you until next week when we will bring you the most downloaded apps, from the App Store, Worldwide.



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