The most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone, worldwide

The most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone, worldwide

Compilation of five most downloaded apps, during the last week, in the App Store. Very interesting, DO NOT MISS THEM !!!.

Most downloaded apps from the App Store

Happy start to the week everyone. We have already gotten up and reviewed the most downloaded apps in the most influential App Store in the world. We bring you the five most outstanding worldwide.

This week highlights fantastic games, photographic capture apps, a well-known alternative to WhatsApp and an application that will surely come from pearls to parents to monitor their babies.

Are you ready?… Let’s see what they are.

Most downloaded apps of the week in the App Store:

These are the most downloaded apps on the May 10-16, 2021.

Incredibox [4,99 €]:


Musical game

Great increase in downloads of this app in a large number of countries on the planet. An app with which we can become the conductor of a group of human-beatbox and start creating our own music. Find sound combinations to unlock animated choruses that will allow you to improve your compositions.

Download Incredibox

Signal – Private Messaging [Gratis]:


Messaging app

After the new WhatsApp news, many people have made the leap again to alternative applications like Signal. A magnificent messaging app that, again, is back in fashion among those who want leave WhatsApp.

Download Signal

Baby Monitor 3G [5,49 €]:

Baby Monitor 3G

Baby monitor app

Fantastic app for parents with babies at home. With it you can have the little one in the house watched at all times. It will warn you if it cries, you can see it live, wherever you are … wonderful. Of course, you need two devices to use it. One of the sender and the other of the receiver.

Download Baby Monitor 3G

EE35 Film Camera [2,29 €]:

EE35 Film Camera

Retro photography app

It is TOP 1 downloaded in Japan for many weeks and we name it again in this section because it will have something to be the most downloaded payment application in Japan. This app simulates a retro camera from the 1960s. Its operation is very simple, pull the film advance lever and press the shutter to take the photo. There are two types of film, color and black and white. Development ends immediately after taking a photo and the film image is also saved.

Download EE35 Film Camera

Catwalk Beauty [Gratis]:

Catwalk Beauty

Free and addictive game for iPhone

Recently launched, this new and addictive game has crept into the TOP 1 of many countries on the globe. A game that will hook you from the first moment and in which our goal is to look like a queen on the catwalk. We will have to choose the best outfit for the catwalk and, thus, beat our opponents.

Download Catwalk Beauty

Again a week filled with games. We hope that next week an app outside of this category will appear. We will be vigilant. Do not lose sight of us.

Until next week.


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