The most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone and iPad

New APPS for iPhone and iPad that we recommend you download

Discover all the applications of the moment. The most downloaded in the main App Store of the world, during the last week.

Most downloaded apps of the week on the App Store

If you want to know about interesting applications, you are in the indicated article. Every Monday we do a review of all TOP downloads from the App Store most important in the world, to bring you the most downloaded and outstanding apps.

A different way of to find out Applications. Apps that in our country, for the moment, have not had an impact and that in other countries have. It may be that we advance the ones that stand out in our App Store, in the immediate future.

Most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone and iPad:

Here we show you the most downloaded applications between the February 15 and 21, 2021.

iSafePlay [Gratis]:

Isafeplay for iPhoneIsafeplay for iPhone

Isafeplay for iPhone

This is one of the most downloaded applications of the week, in countries like Japan. Do you want your music, movies and files to be password protected? Do you feel embarrassed when your friends use your iPhone and find your private media files ?. This application will help you. Of course, to hide files it is best to do this tutorial in which we explain how hide photos and videos on iOS.

Download iSafePlay

Pou [2,29 €] :

Pou, your virtual pet

Pou, your virtual pet

Our virtual friend is once again a trend in several countries, such as Spain. Feed, play, take care of … this virtual pet with whom you can spend wonderful moments and whom you will become very fond of.

Download Pou

Real Haircut 3D Salon!:

Hair salon simulator for iPhone

Hair salon simulator for iPhone

We present you a hairdressing simulator that is causing a sensation around the world, especially in countries like France. Try to hit the haircut your clients want with this realistic hair salon and salon experience.

Download Real Haircut 3D Salon

Dazz Cam – VIntage Camera & 3D [Gratis]:

Dazz Camera interface

Dazz Camera interface

Photography app that emulates the photos of retro cameras. No further editing is necessary to give your images the retro effect. It does it at the same time you capture. The most downloaded app of the week in the world. Top 1 in most countries.

Download Dazz Cam

Golfing Over It [2,29 €]:

Golf game

Golf game

Golf game which is being a success in countries like Japan. A game in which we must ascend with our golf ball to the top of a surreal mountain.

Download Golfing Over It

And with these apps we say goodbye until next week with a new compilation of the most downloaded apps of the week, in iOS.



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