The most downloaded apps of the week on iOS

The most downloaded apps of the week on iOS

These are the most outstanding applications among all the most downloaded, worldwide, between the January 18 and 24, 2021.

Most downloaded apps

Below we share with you the TOP of the most downloaded apps of the last week. The most outstanding of the TOP 5 downloads of all the most influential App Store in the world.

This week they triumph again simple and addictive games and, also, two quite interesting applications stand out. One to generate a caricature of any faces and a multimedia content service that is sweeping the world Australia. I hope something similar reaches our country because it looks very good.

Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad:

Guess Their Answer [Gratis]:

Guess popular answersGuess popular answers

Guess popular answers

This game has been top downloads in the US and is very easy to play. You just have to guess what people think. What makes a lot of noise? A rock band?. A baby?. A racing car?… Give the most popular answer to gather as many audience members as you can. But you have to be faster than your opponent if he wants to earn bragging rights. We advise that it is in English.

Download Guess Their Answer

High Heels! [Gratis]:

Advance with the highest heels in the world

Move forward in the highest heels in the world

Watch out for the walls. The higher your heels, the easier it will be to escape the walls. Different obstacles await you in each level. There are rails where you have to spread your legs and slide, walls to jump, a pole to keep your balance and a huge podium waiting for you at the end of the path. Simple and addictive game very downloaded in half the world.

Download High Heels

ToonMe from TOONME.COM [Gratis]:

Cartoon AppCartoon App

Cartoon app

Take a photo of yourself and let the app automatically turn you into a cartoon-style portrait. What used to take days to complete is now available with a single screen tap, allowing you to be your own digital artist. The scores are very good.

Download ToonMe

triple j [Gratis]:

Top downloads in Australia

Top downloads in Australia

A widely downloaded app especially in Australia, which allows us to access live radio stations, podcasts or videos, at any time. An application that has taken the TOP 1 in our antipodes and that looks very good. If you want to try it, you know … download it.

Download triple j

BitLife – Life Simulator [Gratis]:

Life simulator

Life simulator

In this game you must make all the correct decisions in an attempt to become a model citizen before you die. Can you marry the man / woman of your dreams, have children and get a good job during your life? All up to you. A life simulator, which is in English but we recommend you try.

Download BitLife

Without further ado, next week we will return with the most downloaded apps on iOS for the next seven days.



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