The most downloaded applications of the week in half the world

The best free apps of the moment for iPhone and iPad

Compilation with the most outstanding applications among all the most downloaded Worldwide.

Most downloaded apps

Most downloaded apps

Comes the TOP downloads of the week. The most downloaded tools and games in the last seven days. Possibly the best way you will have to learn about new applications for iPhone and iPad. For something they are the most downloaded, right?

This week, cryptocurrency management applications have stood out. It was a boom that we are going to reflect in the list with the most downloaded application of the week in its category. We also talk about games and other tools that have reached the top of the lists of the most downloaded apps of the week in half the world.

The most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone and iPad:

These are the five most outstanding applications, among all the most downloaded, among the January 25 and 31, 2021.

Coinbase: buy and sell bitcoins [Gratis]:

Cryptocurrency management app

Cryptocurrency management app

We are facing one of the most downloaded and best valued cryptocurrency management apps in the App Store. Without a doubt a great tool if you are one of the people who invests in this type of virtual currencies or you plan to do so. We recommend it. Click on the following link if you want to know more about Coinbase.

Download Coinbase

Jelly dye [Gratis]:

Injecting gelatin game

Jelly inject game

Simple and addictive game in which we must inject dyes. Enjoy the perfect extension and sinuous curves. Simple mechanics, incredible feel and most of all great fun.

Download Jelly Dye

Blob Runner 3D [Gratis]:

Simple and fun racing game

Simple and fun racing game

Did you lose any limbs during the race? Do not worry. Enjoy this corridor where you can lose some parts of the body and grow back.

Download Blob Runner 3D

Chat Master! [Gratis]:

Chat Master interface!Interface of Chat Master!

Chat Master interface!

The game consists of various activities related to the mobile phone, especially text messages. Each chat scenario, where you choose what to type, is followed by one or two fun quick minigames.

Download Chat Master!

Street Kart Racing – Simulator [2,29 €]:

Kart Simulator

Kart Simulator

The best simulator Go karts of the App Store It has been one of the most downloaded games in countries like Spain. Without a doubt, a great game to take the wheel of these minicars and compete to the fullest. Tested for authenticity by hundreds of professional kart / car racing drivers, including world champions. More than 7 years have been dedicated to its development.

Download Street Kart Racing

We hope you liked the compilation and see you next week with the top downloads this week.



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