The latest WhatsApp update brings something new that we wanted

The latest WhatsApp update brings something new that we wanted

At last Whatsapp add a novelty that privacy lovers, like us, have been waiting for many years. With it we will improve our privacy in the app a lot.

WhatsApp privacy improvements

If you are one of the people who does not want to leave a record of when you read the messages you receive on WhatsAppYou will probably have the read receipts option disabled in the privacy menu of the application settings.

This prevents the person sending you a message from knowing if and when you read the message. Surely someone has ever reproached you for not answering a message when you read it and it is that many people, like us, do not like being controlled and requiring us to answer a WhatsApp when we have barely read it.

Well, in one of our tutorials we explained how to skip that restriction since with the audios you could know if a person was listening to a message even if they had read confirmations disabled.

Now this no longer works.

WhatsApp avoids the double blue check when you listen to audio messages and have read receipts disabled:

From version 2.21.40 of the app, launched on March 1, 2021, if you have read receipts deactivated and you listen to the audio that a contact sends you, this will not appear twice blue checkLike you heard it, or the time you heard it.

In this way the privacy in the application increases and improves a lot. It will help all those people who do not like to be controlled to have much more freedom to listen to audio without having to use techniques to leave no trace.

Without a doubt, a great novelty that many of us applaud.

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