The iPhone 6S breaks a record within the reach of very few mobiles

The iPhone 6S breaks a record within the reach of very few mobiles

The arrival of iOS 15 and the compatibility of this new operating system with iPhone, has led to iPhone 6S to break a record held to date by the Iphone 5s.

iPhone 6S

The best known gurus of Manzana, they had long rumored that iOS 15 would not be compatible with the 1st Generation iPhone 6S and SE. We all took it for granted that these two devices, the first launched in 2015 and the second in 2016, would be obsolete as of September.

But it has come Manzana to give us all a reality slap and to confirm that the iPhone are getting older.

We always say it, they are very expensive devices, there is no doubt, but they are worth buying because they can last more than 5 years at full capacity. It’s a great long-term investment. You just have to take care of it minimally and do a few maintenance so that the day comes when you want to change it out of boredom and not because it works badly.

The iPhone 6S breaks the record of the iPhone 5S:

With the confirmation that the 6S will be compatible with iOS 15, this smartphone will be the iPhone longest living in history. It will be more than 6 years updated and will be able to work with the news of the new operating system, which allows its old software Y Hardware.

As we see in the following image, the iPhone 6S will add a ios more to his story:

iPhone models and iOS compatibility

IPhone models and iOS compatibility

Consulting the world of devices Android, the Pixel from GoogleA benchmark in the industry, it provides around three years of up-to-date software. watching the movements of Manzana, as always, the other firms are putting the batteries and Samsung will provide four years of security updates on its high-end devices.

iPad Air 2, the Apple device with the most updates ever:

But if the case of 6S is of record, we do not want to close this article without naming the iPad Air 2. A tablet that Manzana threw in 2014 and which is also compatible with iPadOS 15. This is something, quite simply, BESTIAL !!!. 7 years of updates.

Without a doubt, a joy for all users of products from Manzana, to see that every time we can stretch the lifespan of iPhones, iPad, Apple watch….



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