The iPhone 12 MIni is no longer officially manufactured but there is stock

The iPhone 12 MIni is no longer officially manufactured but there is stock

It is one of the best phones, technologically speaking, of Manzana. I still don’t understand that something so small has such great technology. But he has not sold what those of Cupertino they expected. He is the one that the least of his family has sold … and they did not count on that.

iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone 12 Mini It is very small and if you do not have a lynx sight and super small hands, it is hardly for you. As far as I can understand its discontinuity … They say (TrendForce on 9to5Mac) what Manzana stopped making it a few months ago and that it has enough stock to cover the next 3 months, until they present the new iPhone.

It is the telephone of the family of the 12 that less has sold, but that does not mean that it has sold little. They seem to have preferred to produce more IPhone 12 Pro Y Pro Max, who sell more, than the iPhone 12 Mini and in Manzana they thought it was going to be the other way around.

The iPhone 12 Mini is discontinued. The different phone is the one that does not sell:

I will never understand, after the great expectation it caused, that the iPhone 12 Mini be a phone they want to put an end to. Some media say that Manzana will not manufacture the iPhone 13 (12s) Mini, but others say yes. I think they will, but that the 12s Mini will be the last Mini that they manufacture.

They say that Manzana, when I bring out the new iPhone, will discontinue the iPhone 12 current (which it has been doing since the iPhone X), perhaps that is why the Mini has been discontinued to cope with the production of the new phones.

What strikes me powerfully is that a phone in which Cupertino have put a lot of emphasis and that really is the disruptor of the range of iPhones presented to date, be the one that sells the least. If someone expected this, surely it is not called Manzana. Before putting it up for sale, Manzana did a market study….

Although it may be a very interesting phone for you on its own, if you compare its screen with a larger one, you prefer the big one to the small one.



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