The iPhone 12 could be delayed and not see the light until October

The iPhone 12 could be delayed and not see the light until October

The latest rumors indicate that the iPhone 12 it might not see the light in September and that its launch could be delayed until October of this year.

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Will iPhone 12 arrive in September?

One of the main events that arouse the most expectation in the world of Manzana is the WWDC. This important event, which shows the future of the operating systems of Manzana It will be carried out, although in a different way from what we are used to.

But the main event is undoubtedly the presentation of the new iPhone. And it seems that, due to the atypical situation that the world is suffering from the pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19, this presentation of the iPhone may be delayed.

Both the presentation and the launch of the iPhone 12 could take place, at least, in October

The presentation of the new iPhone always takes place in the month of September by means of a Keynote. This presentation presents all the new models of iPhone and, in the same way, the date on which they can be for sale is disclosed.

But everything points to the fact that both the presentation and the sale of the futures iPhone 12, will be delayed, at least, until October. This is what is deduced from the statements of the CEO of one of the suppliers of Manzana for the iPhone, by saying that one of its main companies (Manzana) will suffer a delay in the presentation cycle of an important product.

iphone 12 prices theapplehubiphone 12 prices theapplehub

The possible prices of the future iPhone 12

It can be deduced, therefore, that one of the most important products of Manzana, which becomes the future iPhone 12, you will be delayed both its presentation and its launch. Something that, although strange, may have its logic in view of the situation in the world and the recent presentation of the iPhone I KNOW 2020.

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Be that as it may, there is still a time to discover if this is true or not. Meanwhile, we can discover the future iPhone 12 from the rumors about its design, characteristics, price, and possible accessories for the same.


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