The iOS Weather app will have a new function thanks to iOS 14.7

The iOS Weather app will have a new function thanks to iOS 14.7

With iOS 14.7 the app Weather native of ios Y iPadOS It will include a very interesting novelty that makes the app much more useful.

New features arrive with iOS 14.7

With each of the new versions of iOS 14, Apple is surprising usor. And the thing is that, in each of them, there are interesting functions and some unexpected news that, although they are not the “big ones”, are quite useful and interesting.

Not only are “new” features coming to devices, but Apple is also expanding some features of its apps already available in some countries to other countries on the planet. And that is what will happen with the app Weather native of ios.

The new function of the Weather app was already present in countries like the US

The native Weather app ios It is one of the apps that has more or less functions depending on the country in which we are. For example, in the United States the weather forecast is much more complete and much more weather data is displayed in the app.

But now, with ios 14.7, one of those functions present in some countries will reach Spain, in addition to probably other countries. It is about the possibility of seeing the air quality in the application itself in our location and in all those that we have added to the application.

iplaya time

A weather app for iPhone

From what it seems, the air quality can be seen as soon as you open the weather app, just above the hourly weather forecast. But it also seems that it can be seen more fully below along with the rest of the data.

The way it will be presented will be through a bar with different colors ranging from blue to maroon / purple, through green, yellow and various shades of red. Each of these colors will indicate the quality of the air accompanied by a text that will tell us its quality.

Without a doubt it is a new function for the app Weather native of ios In some countries that is appreciated since it will make the app much more complete.


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