The import of chats to WhatsApp would arrive with the multi-device

The import of chats to WhatsApp would arrive with the multi-device

Apparently the announced function to export chats between platforms would reach WhatsApp as well as the multi-device function.

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Some time ago it leaked, through the betas of WhatsApp that from the app they were working on a function that would allow pass chats between different platforms. This way, it would be quite easy to switch devices and have conversations.

It is true that, being a function in development, the specific operation is not known. But, what is clear is that it would allow to store the content of WhatsApp of a device ios to import it to an Android device and vice versa.

While it is not certain that both functions arrive at the same time, it is something that would make sense

As with that, it is also not clear when it will finally arrive. Although there seem to be some clues that indicate, apparently, that WhatsApp would be planning that the multiplatform function will arrive in the app at the same time.

The multiplatform feature is a long-awaited feature that has already been seen in some betas. Thanks to it, we could use our account WhatsApp on multiple devices at once, including iPads.

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That both functions are going to arrive at the same time makes some sense. And, in this way, if we have several smartphones, we could transfer the conversations and content between the two. Thus, we could have all of our content from WhatsApp in all the devices in which we could use it.

Although it is not clear when both functions will finish coming to the application, we hope that it will be as soon as possible. And it is that these are two functions that the WhatsApp community has been asking for some time to come true, so the sooner they appear, the better for everyone. What do you think that WhatsApp is thinking of launching these two functions at the same time?


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