The holidays arrive with season 25 of Clash Royale

The holidays arrive with season 25 of Clash Royale

How could it be otherwise, summer and the upcoming holidays have arrived with the 25th season of Clash royale to the game.

New season of the game

If last month since Clash Royale surprised us with the launch of an update that also linked the season of the month of JuneOr, this July it returns to normal. And, as usual, at each beginning of the month, Clash Royale premieres new season.

This time it is a summer season. So much so that the name of it is Royale Vacation. And as is also already usual, below we proceed to tell you all the news that we can find this season.

Clash Royale season 25 includes classic challenges and Legendary Arena change

The first thing we will see, as usual, is the change of the Sand Legendary. The Arena of this season is an old acquaintance and it is that it is an Arena with a beach and summer aesthetic that we already saw in one of the first seasons of the game.

clash royale season 25 1

The Legendary Arena miniature

Regarding the Happens Royale we did not find too many novelties. We have the 35 brands of rewards, both free and those derived from acquiring the Pass Royale. And, among the rewards, we have the usual Exclusive Reaction and the skin for the Tower of Crowns.

clash royale 3 season 25

This season’s Arena

In addition to this we will also have the classic challenges of the seasons. These challenges will allow us to get the most varied rewards such as reactions, magic items as well as chests, gold, or tokens of all kinds.

The truth is that, although the seasons of the game started very well, it has been some seasons that we have not had much news. Hopefully this will change with the launch of a future update or, at least, a season that comes very loaded with news. What do you think of the Clash Royale season 25 to you?


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