The government’s Coronavirus tracking app has a big problem

The government's Coronavirus tracking app has a big problem

In this opinion article I am going to comment on something that surely many people are suffering and will suffer. The Coronavirus tracking app that the government of Spain has launched in the App Store He has a big problem and I will tell you about it below.

Radar Covid the Coronavirus tracking app

In times of pandemic, any tool that helps contain it is welcome. One of them is Radar Covid, an application that allows, via Bluetooth, to track if you have been close to someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus. It is one of the iPhone apps that EVERYONE should install on our devices.

Knowing that you have been exposed to the virus is essential to control it. Once you receive the notice, like the one we show you in the image that heads this article, we can let the relevant authorities know and, thus, be able to go and do the famous tests PCR.

But this is useless if what we comment below is not fulfilled.

The Coronavirus tracking app is not compatible with all iPhones:

Radar Covid screenshots for iPhone

Radar Covid screenshots for iPhone

Being the app that it is and what it means for society today, it is something infumable that it is not compatible with many iPhone that still work perfectly but cannot have the latest versions of ios.

We say all this because Radar Covid is compatible with devices with iOS 13.5 or higher. So … what about the Iphone 6 and lower that cannot update beyond iOS 12.4.8?

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There are many users of iPhone who have that terminal, and previous models, who are going to stop being able to use this application so important for everyone at this time. The Iphone 6 still work very well and many people who can help in tracking the Covid-19, with their phones.

We do not know why Manzana has decided that the protocol, for the app to track, works from iOS 13.5. In Android it’s compatible with Android 6 launched in 2015. We think it is essential that they make it compatible with devices that have at least iOS 12 although we would expand even more and make it compatible even with iOS 9.

In addition, it also has other bugs that affect disabled people by not working with Voice over. They cannot even accept the privacy policy in order to use the application.

We hope that you agree with us and that you share this article on your social networks and messaging apps. This is something that Manzana it must change, if it can, sure if. We also hope that it also makes compatible Radar Covid with Voice over.



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