The Gmail application launches widgets for iOS 14

The Gmail application launches widgets for iOS 14

The application of Gmail for iOS has joined the bandwagon of widgets and already has its own for our iPhone.

Widgets arrive in Gmail

More and more applications are adding their own widgets in iOS 14. It is not for less, since it is one of the functions that is having the most popularity of iOS 14 and we have seen how many widget apps they triumphed in the App Store.

As it is, apart from a function that allows us to personalize our device, a function with which useful elements are added to the screen, they improve the experience of using some apps. And one of the apps that wants to take advantage of its usefulness is Gmail.

The Gmail widget has three different actions

The official application of the popular Google email manager has decided to add a widget to iOS 14. It is based on certain Quick Mail Actions which we can access from the widget.

These actions are a total of three. The first of them is Search in the mail and with them we can directly access the email search function with which we have configured the widget.

widgets ios 14 app gmail 1

The Gmail widget that we can add

The next of the quick actions we find is Write. If we press it, the Gmail application will open so that we can directly start writing an email and add a recipient.

Finally, the widget will also show us the number of emails we have to read. And, if we click on that element, it will take us to the main tray so that we can automatically see the emails that we have not read.

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It’s certainly a very good sign that apps from tech giants like Google keep adding your widgets since that means that they are having a very good reception. What do you think of the new widget from Gmail?


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