The game Fortnite will not return to the App Store at the moment

Epic Games apps are likely to disappear from the App Store

The judge in charge of litigation between Apple and Epic Games has made the decision not to allow, for the time being, Fortnite go back to App Store.

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Fortnite will not return to the App Store

It is very likely that, by now, you know about the litigation they have Manzana and Epic Games. The game developer decided to include a payment method that circumvented the App Store in Fortnite and, by going against the rules of Manzana, Apple decided to remove Fortnite from the App Store.

All this did not end there and, in fact, Manzana reached more giving Epic Games a deadline to correct their attitude since, if they did not, on the 28th they would delete the developer account of Epic Games. This would mean the disappearance of all Epic apps and the impossibility of opening them on the devices that have them installed.

Fortnite will not return to the App Store, but Apple will not be able to prohibit the use of Unreal Engine

But not only that, but it could also have meant the elimination of Unreal Engine. This program is widely used by many game developers and could have a huge impact. But, for now, Unreal Engine will not be unavailable.

This has been determined by the judge in charge of the case. In a swift decision, and as a precautionary measure, it has decided that Apple cannot make Unreal Engine is no longer available due to the damage it could cause to many developers, not only to Epic.

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But, while he has made this decision, he has given a blow to Epic Games and has decided that Fortnite will not return, for now App Store. In fact, she has alleged that. Epic Games has violated the rules of App Store and that the elimination of Fortnite It is due to Epic’s own attitude of not wanting to comply with the rules.

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Of course, it seems that Epic, in this “marketing campaign” the shot is backfiring. Not only does he have against Manzana already Google, but now the judge in charge of the litigation has also agreed with Manzana which means that, under the current conditions with your payment method outside the App Store, Fortnite will not return to App Store when it’s about to start its season 4.


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