The free apps for iPhone, the most outstanding of the moment

The free apps for iPhone, the most outstanding of the moment

The best free apps for a limited time at the moment, you have them all here. Download them as soon as possible before they become paid.

Free apps for a limited time, for iOS

The most anticipated section arrives. We bring you the best offers today. We put our machinery into operation and select for you, the best free apps for iPhone and iPad.

This week there are very interesting offers that we recommend you take advantage of. Do not let them escape because even if they do not make you today, possibly in the future they can come in handy.

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Featured free apps for a limited time:

We guarantee that the applications are FREE just as we published this article. Specifically at 19:31 h. (Spanish time) of February 19, 2021. After that time and day, they can be paid back at any time.

Hollycool – Pro Video Editing [2,29€ ➡️ GRATIS]:

Video editor for iPhone and iPad

Video editor for iPhone and iPad

Hollycool is a video editor and powerful movie maker very easy to use. It provides high-end video editing functions that will allow you to make exceptional videos. Do not hesitate and download it before it becomes paid.

Download Hollycool

The City of Time [1,09€ ➡️ GRATIS]:

The City of Time game

Game The City of Time

Use the magic of rewinding time to help the girl overcome all difficulties. Use your brain to make the most of time reversal and the appropriate action path to overcome each of the levels.

Download The City of Time

Battery⁺ [2,29€ ➡️ GRATIS]:

Battery complications for the Apple Watch.Battery complications for the Apple Watch.

Battery complications for the Apple Watch.

Customize battery complications of the iPhone for him Apple watch. They are all compatible and you can choose up to 3 different display styles for each complication from the clock application. With it you apply a new design to the native drum complication of WatchOS.

Download Battery

Simple Photo Widget [1,09€ ➡️ GRATIS]:

Photo widget

Photo widget

This application allows us to put the photos you want on the home screen of our phones. If you are tired of the iPhone itself selecting the photos to display on your app screen, this application allows you to select the ones you want to see that day, week … or always.

Download Simple Photo Widget

Typic – Text on Photos [4,49€ ➡️ GRATIS]:

Application to put text on photos

Application to put text on photos

We are facing a well-known application, more than 5 million people use it, and it is very easy to use that allows us to add text to photos. It is one of our favorites for this type of edition. In fact we talk about Typic years ago and since then it has only gotten better.

Download Typic

We remember that if you download these apps and then delete them from your iPhone or iPad, you can always download them again FREE, whenever you want.

Without further ado and wishing you a good day, we are waiting for you next week with more apps on offer.


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