The first iOS 14.7 errors begin to appear

IOS 14.7 for iPhone and iPadOS 14.7 for iPad now available

The first failures of iOS 14.7 They have not been slow to appear and there already seems to be one that annoyingly affects the owners of Apple watch.

IOS 14.7 issues

Less than 24 hours we have between us iOS 14.7 and iPadOS 14.7. They came with some very interesting news and with the intention of solving several quite annoying errors and bugs.

But, from the looks of it, the first bugs and errors of the most recent versions of operating systems are already beginning to appear for iPhone Y iPad. In this case it is a failure of iPhone what is affecting the Apple watch.

IPhone users with Touch ID cannot unlock their Apple Watch with their iPhone

More specifically, this failure would be preventing the Apple watch can be unlocked automatically by unlocking our iPhone. One of the most useful functions between both devices completely unusable for some users.

This is what numerous users of iPhone Y Manzana Watch through various forums. And, the truth is that we understand that it has to be something quite annoying since this function makes unlocking the device much easier. Apple watch not having to enter the code on the screen.

apple watch series 6 featured

Apple Watch spheres

From what it seems from the different reports, this failure would not affect all iPhones. Specifically, iPhone that are being affected are those whose unlocking method is the Touch ID. That is iPhone from X with Face ID they would not be affected.

This glitch is probably nothing more than that, a glitch in the operating system. Most likely, Apple will fix the same shortly by releasing a new version of iOS 14.7 which would be, predictably, iOS 14.7.1, and it’s probably sooner rather than later.

Have any of you been affected by this failure? In that case, is it bothering you, or is it not bothering you at all?


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