The final goodbye of Epic Games and Fortnite from the App Store

The final goodbye of Epic Games and Fortnite from the App Store

The developer account of Epic Games has already been removed from App Store and none of its applications can be downloaded.

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Final goodbye to Fortnite and Epic Games

The outcome between Manzana and Epic Games it has not been made wait. Some days ago, Epic Games breached the rules of App Store by introducing a third party payment method in your most popular game, Fortnite. Given this, Apple and Google removed the game from their app stores and Manzana went further by announcing the cancellation of the developer account of Epic August 28.

And said and done. Yesterday, just as Manzana ad, the Epic developer account was closed Games. This fact assumes that all applications and games of Epic Games have disappeared from App Store.

All Epic Games games and apps cannot be downloaded and no longer work on devices

And not only that, but they cannot continue to be used on devices that already had them downloaded, nor download them for whoever had previously downloaded them. That is, all apps and games of Epic have been rendered useless on the devices that had them.

This decision of Manzana, although it may seem drastic, it is the least that could happen to Epic. And is that Manzana was intended to render inoperative Unreal Engine, which did not allow him to do the judge who is handling the case, although if he endorsed his decision to eliminate Fortnite and the developer account of Epic.


This is how I could download Fortnite so far

Faced with the decisions made by Manzana, Epic Games decided that season 4 of the game would not come to ios neither macOS. But, from the looks of it, since Epic seem to be willing to return purchases made by users through the method introduced in Fortnite contrary to the rules of the App Store.

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This last movement of Epic Games may mean that they will eventually meet the standards of Manzana that all developers must adhere to. And it is that, the only condition of Manzana for what Fortnite and Epic Games come back to App Store, it is with the standards that all developers comply with.


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