The fastest and most efficient ways to charge your iPhone

The fastest and most efficient ways to charge your iPhone

Five are the fastest and most efficient ways to charge your iPhone. Interesting for when you need to charge your mobile as quickly as possible.

The fastest ways to charge your iPhone

A few years ago we told you what for us was the fastest way to load a iPhone. The experience and functions of ios have made us see that there is more than one way to load efficiently and quickly, our Smartphone.

Many other websites talk about charging it faster, using accessories from other devices. Many recommend using the charger iPad, much more powerful than the iPhone, to load the terminal faster. We advise against it because continued use of it can ruin the battery.

The battery of the iPhone It is made to be used exclusively under the charger that comes with it in the product box. Using more powerful chargers is taking life out of our autonomous power supply. You can use the charger of the iPad to charge the phone sometime, but we do not advise doing it very assiduously.

Next we are going to tell you five ways to load, as quickly as possible, the iPhone.

How to charge the iPhone in the most efficient and fast way:

If you are in a hurry, or not, we recommend charging your mobile in the following ways:

Charge the iPhone by turning it off:

You connect it to the network and, once charging, you turn it off. This is the fastest way to load your terminal. But, obviously, you will be completely “isolated” from all kinds of notifications, you will not be able to access the terminal, etc….

Turn off the iPhone

Turn off the iPhone

Charge in airplane mode:

This is the method we talked about a few years ago. By putting the mobile in airplane mode, we prevent the device from connecting over the internet to any app that needs that connection to work. This makes us “isolated” but will allow us to consult anything we have on our mobile that does not need a connection to be displayed.

Activate airplane mode

Activate airplane mode

Charge the iPhone in “Do not disturb” mode:

This option allows us to charge the phone quickly, but without isolating ourselves. Notifications will continue to arrive, apps will continue to update in the background (if you have this option active), etc… . And why does it load faster? Well, it loads faster because it will not notify us of each notification that comes to us and, thus, we prevent the screen from turning on whenever one of them arrives. This may seem silly, but it consumes the battery.

Activate Do Not Disturb mode

Activate the “Do Not Disturb” mode

Charging with Low Power Mode On:

Another way to quickly charge the iPhone It is activating the low power mode. You enter SETTINGS / BATTERY and activate the low consumption option and the mobile will charge faster than normal. You can also activate it from the control center.

Activate low power mode

Activate low power mode

Charge the iPhone in the fastest way possible:

We give you the best way to load a iPhone as fast as possible. Downloading a Siri shortcuts, we can deactivate all the functions that make the mobile charge slower. By downloading the Shortcut, we activate it and plugging the mobile into the charger you can charge the iPhone battery as quickly as possible. In the previous link, we explain how to do it.

What do you think? Now it is up to you to choose the way in which it is best for you to charge your mobile.

What we do recommend is not to use the device much while it is charging.


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