The Covid Radar app will be available this September 2020

The Covid Radar app will be available this September 2020

We show you all the information about the app created by the Government, called Covid Radar and that will be available this September.

Covid Radar

The Covid Radar app will soon be released throughout Spain

Today we are talking about Covid Radar and the date of publication of the same. An app which can help us a lot to not spread the virus and cut the chain.

Surely you have already heard of applications being developed to try to cut the chains of contagion. Well, in Spain the development of this type of applications is also taking place, whose name is Radar Covid. An indispensable app to see and know if we have had contact with the virus.

We are going to inform you of when it is expected that it will be available for download throughout the country, although we have already anticipated that there will be communities that have it much earlier.

Covid Radar will be released in September 2020:

As far as we have been able to know, this app has been in the testing phase in a small community such as La Canaria and specifically on one of its islands. The result has been fantastic and therefore, it is estimated that by August 10, communities like the Balearic Islands, already have the app available. And what for September 15th, be in the rest of Spain.

Radar Covid 1Radar Covid 1

App logo

But, What does this app really do? Well, the mechanism is very simple, it will only ask us to tell if we have been infected or not and that we have Bluetooth activated. The data will be completely anonymous and therefore, nobody will know anything about anything.

In this way, it is intended that if we have been at a certain distance from the virus or exposed to it for a long time, our device will warn us. In addition, it will give us the necessary indications that we must carry out, so as not to continue with the chain of contagion.

Radar Covid 2Radar Covid 2

Steps we must follow to activate it

It is now when those users come who will complain that the app will serve to see where they are and know everything about them. Those same users are the ones who give all their rights to social networks without caring about anything. We are facing a serial app that can help us all, so the most sensible thing would be to use it and do it in the best possible way.


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