The Clash Royale update brings Magic Items to the game

The Clash Royale update brings Magic Items to the game

The Clash Royale update newest brings new items to the game called Objects Magical, plus other improvements.

A new update is coming to the game

Against all odds and to the surprise of the players we were waiting for the announcement of a new season, from Supercell they have launched a new update of Clash Royale that comes with some cool news.

As the main novelty of this update we find the Magic items. These Magic items They will allow you to improve the cards faster without having to have the necessary number of cards that would normally be needed to improve them.

The Clash Royale update includes improvements in addition to Magic Items:

The Magic items they are available in all the different types of cards in the game. Also, there is one called the Chest Key with which we can open any chest at the moment. They can be obtained through challenges as well as in the shop and on the trophy path.

the clash royale magic items update 2

The different Magic Items in the game

Not only are these items coming into the game, but there are also some improvements and fixes. Among them the solution of errors such as the one that occurred when copying decks, and some improvements to make Clan Wars 2 fairer and better.

In addition, numerous balance changes are also coming with this update. Usually they arrived with the new seasons but not this time. And they affect numerous cards: The Mother Witch, The Bomber, The Knight, The Elite Barbarians, The Hunter, The Electrocutors, Trio of Musketeers, Witch, Wheeled Cannon, Healing Spirit, Balloon, Bomber Tower and Giant Skeleton.

the clash royale magic items update 1

Common Magic Item

In order to have this latest version of Clash Royale, you just have to access the App Store and update the game. And, in case you don’t play it, we recommend downloading it since it is one of the most popular games currently.

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Download Clash Royale and enjoy the latest update


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