The Clash Royale summer update is here

The Clash Royale summer update is here

The summer update of Clash Royale and next to her also comes the new season 24.

New update and season of the game

Every month start in Clash Royale a new season is usually released. But this time they have given us a surprise and what has arrived in June has been a new update. Specifically, it is the update for the summer.

Among the main novelties that we find in the update, we see that the Trophy Trail. This has happened because two new Arenas have been added permanently and now we can get many more rewards by winning trophies. It also implies that the rewards of the chests increase.

The summer update of Clash Royale also brings the new season

The Clan Wars. From now on there will be training days from Monday to Wednesday, and battle days the rest of the week to get points and win them. In addition, it seems that now it does not affect at all the time zone that previously benefited clans in some countries.

In addition, the Excavator from Goblins. And we also found some improvements that might seem better but are not. Among them the expansion of the deck holes to 10, a rewind function in the repetitions that we see or the random selection of tower skins.

clash royale season 24 summer update clash royale 2

The new Arenas and cup restarts

As we have told you, the new season is also coming. And in it we find the usual Legendary Arena change of all seasons, the Pass Royale with exclusive rewards such as an emoji and skin for the tower and events and challenges.

Not only that, but there are also some card balance changes this time. The cards affected by them are, this time, the Fire Spirit, the Furnace, the Elite Barbarians, the Rascals, the Giant Skeleton, the Wheeled Cannon, the Cannon, the Golem and the Ice Mage.

What do you think they have put together all the news at once? Are you still playing this hit game from Supercell?


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