The camera of iOS 14 stops investing the selfies that we take out

In iOS and iPadOS 14 you can configure default apps

An unannounced novelty of iOS 14 and that has not been overlooked is a new function that reaches the selfie camera of our iPhone.

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More secret features of iOS 14

We are all wishing we could install iOS 14 on our devices as soon as possible. Probably due to all the added features and improvements. But although Manzana announced many of them, many others remained in the inkwell.

These functions not mentioned by Manzana They are being discovered, little by little, by the brave who have installed the first beta of the new operating system for the iPhone. And we are sure you will like one of these functions very much «hidden«.

Until now, to achieve the same effect on the iOS camera, you had to invert the selfie in a photo editor

This is a function for the camera. Specifically, the possibility of configuring it so that, when we take a photo, the front camera stops investing the selfies that we take directly with the app native camera of our iPhone.

Until now, every time we took a selfie with our iPhone, the result we obtained was not what we previously saw on screen. He iPhoneWhat it does is show us the reality and not maintain the orientation of the photo like other social networks do. And, to solve this, you had to edit the photos by investing them in photo editors.

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What new feature of iOS 14 do you like the most?

But now, with this feature, this is over. For the camera to take the photos without inverting them, we have to access the Adjustments of iOS. Once in Settings we have to access the Camera and activate the option Mirror in the front camera.

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Following this route, at least in the first beta of iOS 14, we can activate this function. The route may change in future betas or may even be included directly as an option in the app Camera. But, what we are sure of is that, if the function is maintained, many users of iPhone they will be more than happy. What does this function of iOS 14?


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