The beta of iOS 14.4 already shows the anti-tracking warnings

PRIVACY in iOS 14 gets big improvements

Anti-tracking notices announced as one of the new features of iOS are already appearing in the iOS 14.4 beta for some users.

Anti-tracking warnings are already being tested

The announcement of iOS 14 was a further step in privacy for users of iPhone. And it is that, with the arrival of this version of the operating system, Manzana added numerous privacy enhancements both in the iPhone as in the iPad.

These privacy improvements, greatly appreciated by users, have been highly criticized by companies like Facebook. And, while they were advertised with iOS 14, Apple decided that they will not be fully operational until 2021.

Anti-tracking notices are popping up in the iOS 14.4 beta

This is mainly because they wanted to allow developers to adapt their apps, since the new rules are fully mandatory. But, with the launch of the beta of iOS 14.4 And with 2021 getting closer and closer, these notices are already beginning to appear.

This has been announced by numerous users who are testing the beta of the future version of iOS. To many of them the anti-tracking warning has already appeared for some apps, in which it can be read that the app in question wants to track us.

tracking apps ios 14 ios 14.4

The notice in the NBA app

It is also reported that the tracking of apps between other apps and websites will serve to offer a better and more personalized experience. And, just below this information, users will have the option to allow the app to track us or, on the contrary, tell the app that we do not want to be tracked and that it will not be able to do.

At the moment these notices seem to be appearing only in the new beta of iOS and iPadOS 14.4. While they are being tested, when the final version arrives we will all have access to these functions and it seems that it could be very soon, maybe even in January 2021.


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